Privacy Policy

Fixodo® takes Your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") explains how Fixodo collects, uses, shares and protects information about Users. The information collected by us shall also include personal information. Personal information is information that may be used to identify You individually including but not limited to Your name, address and mobile number. This Privacy Policy contains: i. Information we collect. ii. How we may use the information collected. iii. How we may share the information collected. iv. How we secure the information provided by You. v. Your choices regarding Your personal information. vi. Updates regarding this Privacy Policy. This Policy applies only to the information Fixodo collects through the Website and does not apply to any other information that may be collected by third party sites including any advertisers on the Website. Should You choose not to be bound by this Policy You are requested to stop accessing the Website or availing the Services in any manner. If You continue to access the Website or avail the Services in any manner You hereby consent to the collection, recording, storage and use of Your information including Your personal information. The provisions of the Terms of Use and other Website Policies including the definitions are incorporated herein by way of reference.

1.1. Information provided by You Fixodo collects information which is voluntarily provided by You when You register on the Website or avail any of the Services. Such information shall include but not be limited to: 1.1.1 Contact information such as Your name, address, telephone number, and email address and such other information You may submit in order to register on the Website. 1.1.2 Information required to process any payments required to be made by You including but not limited to credit and debit card number, bank details including account information. 1.1.3 Your demographic information such as gender and age 1.1.4 Any information that You may submit voluntarily while participating in any surveys on the Website. 1.1.5 Users hereby accept and agree that all of the information provided by them to Fixodo is done voluntarily. 1.1.6 Fixodo further reserves the right to monitor, record and store all communications transmitted via the Website.
1.2 Information collected via other means Fixodo collects information via various other means to enhance its ability to serve You. When You access and use the Website or the Services Fixodo collects certain information in the below outlined methods: 1.2.1 When You visit the Website, Fixodo may collect Your Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is often associated with the portal You used to enter the Internet, like Your Internet service provider (ISP). While an IP address may reveal Your ISP or geographic area, this may not allow Fixodo to determine Your identity solely based upon Your IP address. However, Fixodo may link the last IP address You used to access the Website for such purposes as determined by Fixodo. 1.2.2 Fixodo may also assign a unique identifier to Your mobile device, or other system or device used to access the Website ('Device Identifier'). A Device Identifier is a number that is automatically assigned to the device You used to access the Website. Fixodo may link the Device Identifier to other information about Your visit, such as Your browsing history and browsing pattern. 1.2.3 Fixodo may also collect certain information pertaining to Users using analytics software such as Google analytics and by way of Log Files. 1.2.4 Cookies: A cookie is a small file stored on Your device which allows Fixodo to track Your activities on the Website. For example, a cookie collects information including but not limited to Your IP address, browser details, browser versions and browsing history so that Fixodo may provide Users with relevant information including targeted advertisement and You hereby consent to the same. You may disable the cookies at any time, but this may hamper Your browsing experience for which Fixodo shall not be held liable. 1.2.5 Web Beacons: Web Beacons are small graphical images embedded on the Website which helps Fixodo in better managing the Website and helps in improving upon the Services by informing Fixodo about what features on the Website are used more than others and also allows Fixodo to know whether the E-mails or other communications sent by Fixodo have been delivered and/or opened by the User. Web beacons are trackers which tracks the online activities of Users. 1.2.6 When You use the Website, the Website may automatically collect and store some or all of the following information from Your mobile device, such as: (i) The type of Internet browser You use on Your mobile device in order to access the Website. (ii) Your specific location. You may disable the location services and the location tracking features of the Website. However, this shall reduce the features and functionality that may be offered to You via the Website. (iii) Your mobile operating system. (iv) Your phone number or other identifiers assigned to Your mobile device, including the IP address of Your mobile device, the manufacturer and model of Your mobile device. 1.2.7 Fixodo may also collect information about how often You log-in to the Website, how much time You spend browsing the Website and the actions taken by You on the Website, such as the number of times a particular feature is being used by You over a period of time.
1.3 Information provided by you about a third party: 1.3.1 In the event You submit any information pertaining to a third party for any reason You shall ensure that You have all necessary rights to share such information with Fixodo. Fixodo shall not be liable in any manner for any information that You may choose disclose that may pertain to any third party.
manner for any information that You may choose disclose that may pertain to any third party. 1.4 Information provided by third parties: 1.4.1 Fixodo may supplement the information collected from and about You with information received from third parties in order to enhance and improve upon the Website and the Services. Advertisements on the Website may be used by Fixodo to collect information regarding your interests. 1.4.2 You may access the Website and avail the Services via social networking sites. In the event any User accesses the Website or avails the Services through any social networking site Fixodo may collect information pertaining to Your account in such social networking sites including but not limited to name, age, friends list and account identification numbers. 1.4.3 Fixodo may also collect details regarding any communications transmitted by You including but not limited to any SMS. Such information may be provided directly by the Service Provider. 1.4.4 Service Providers may also provide Fixodo with information regarding the services you have availed from them, the price paid by you and the frequency with which you availed such services.
1.5 Information collected by third parties: 1.5.1 Fixodo permits certain individuals and entities to post or otherwise display links, advertisements and plug-ins on the Website. Users may click on or follow any such links and advertisements in order to gain more information as well as to avail the services provided by such third parties. 1.5.2 In the event that You visit any third party site while clicking on or following any links or advertisements You shall be leaving the Website and Fixodo shall not be responsible for the collection or storage of any information by such third party sites. The information collection and storage practices of third party sites are governed by such site's privacy policy and Fixodo shall not be liable for any resulting loss or damage. 1.5.3 Fixodo advises Users to read the third party site's privacy policy when visiting such sites or when using any plug-ins. 1.5.4 Users understand and accept that Fixodo shall not be a party to any transaction entered into or contemplated between the User and any third party sites have links or advertisements on the Website. 1.5.5 Fixodo reserves the right to target certain advertisements it may feel is relevant to the Users.

Fixodo uses the information collected for improving upon the Website and the Services as well as to understand current market trends and to analyse various User patterns. The purposes for which Fixodo collects Your information include but are not limited to:

2.1 Scheduling, re-scheduling, and canceling services offered by Service Providers;
2.2 Determining the quality of Service Providers;
2.3 Addressing service complaints;
2.4 Verifying User's identity;
2.5 Creating a User Account;
2.6 Sending communications via E-mail, telephone, or text messages as per You preferences;
2.7 Managing payments for Services availed by Users;
2.8 Improving customer service;
2.9 Troubleshooting technical problems faced by Fixodo;
2.10 Responding to questions and feedback;
2.11 Conducting research and analysis;
2.12 Marketing and advertising the Services;
2.13 Evaluating and improving upon the Website experience;
2.14 Investigating, discovering and preventing violations of this Policy;
2.15 Any ideas or suggestions submitted by Users to Fixodo in any manner shall be used for the purposes of improving upon the Website and the Services as well as to develop new features and services;
2.16 Information collected by Fixodo shall be used and displayed 'as is' without any changes to it;
2.17 Users hereby grant in favour of Fixodo a worldwide right to use the information collected from Users for the purposes of rendering the Services as well as to market, promote and advertise the Website and the Services.

Fixodo does not sell, rent, or trade Your personal information to third parties other than as disclosed in this Policy. However, Fixodo may disclose certain non-personally identifiable information to its agents, subsidiaries, employees and Service Providers and Users hereby consent to the same. Fixodo shall not be under any obligation to inform the Users prior to any use or disclosure of their information. Fixodo may disclose User information for the following purposes:

3.1 Sharing of information for our protection: 3.1.1 Fixodo may disclose User information in response to a court order, or other legal process, or if the same is required by law. 3.1.2 Fixodo may also disclose User information including confidential information if such disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Fixodo, its Users or its Service Providers.
3.2 Sharing of information to service providers: 3.2.1 Fixodo may also share certain information including personally identifiable information to Service Providers from who You avail or wish to avail services. Such information may be used by the Service Providers to contact You as well as to provide You with quotes and other relevant information pertaining to such Service Provider's services. By registering on the Website You hereby consent to such disclosure as well as to receiving such information.
. 3.3 Sharing of information to other users: 3.3.1 Fixodo does not share any information to other Users other than such information that You post, display or submit anywhere on the Website that is viewable to other Users. This shall also include any feedback, reviews and the User's name.
3.4 Sharing with social networking sites: 3.4.1 If You choose to log-in to Fixodo through any social media website such as Facebook or Google Plus or any other similar social networking site, Fixodo may share information pertaining to Your User Account with such social networking site and Users hereby consent to the same.
4.1 Fixodo secures Your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure as is reasonable and to the best of its abilities. Fixodo shall protect User information by encrypting the same using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). However, Users hereby understand and accept that Fixodo may not be able to prevent User information from theft, destruction or unauthorised use or disclosure despite adopting appropriate security measures and that Fixodo shall not be liable for any loss, theft, destruction, unauthorised use and/or unauthorised disclosure of User information if Fixodo has implemented appropriate security measures.
4.2 Users shall be responsible for maintaining their respective account security and shall refrain from sharing or disclosing their account credentials with any other person. Any User suspecting any unauthorised use or access of their User Account should immediately notify the same to Fixodo.
4.3 Communications sent via the Website are not encrypted and Users are advised against transmitting any information containing any confidential or sensitive matters.
4.4 Fixodo shall not be liable for any loss or destruction of User information in the event of a Force Majeure event.
5.1 Fixodo may permit Users to update and make changes to any account related information stored with Fixodo. Fixodo further reserves the right to deny any User's request to access or change any of the information in the event that the cost of changing such information outweighs the need for the same or in the event the changing such information may jeopardize any other information stored with Fixodo. Fixodo reserves the right to continue storing User information even after the User or Fixodo, as the case may be, terminates the User's account this may be in the form of information cached by the Website.
6.1 The Services are intended only for the benefit of such persons who have attained 18 (Eighteen) years of age. Fixodo does not knowingly collect, use and disclose any personal information from any minor. Fixodo shall not be liable for any loss or damages caused to any person due to the access and use of the Website and the Services by a minor and the same shall be the sole liability of such minor's parent or guardian.
7.1 Fixodo does not make any representation or warranties with regard to any User information or with regard to its use and disclosure of the same. Neither does Fixodo warrant that the information provided by You is completely secure and will never be disclosed apart from the ways as explained in this Policy. You are completely responsible for the veracity of all the information provided by You and Fixodo shall not be held liable for any loss or damages arising out of the use of the Website.
8.1 Fixodo shall not be liable for any loss arising against any person by relying on any information provided by Users or by relying on any information made available on the Website. Users shall be solely responsible for any loss or damages arising to any person including any loss or damages arising against Fixodo due to the use of any information submitted, transmitted displayed or posted anywhere on the Website and Users shall indemnify and defend Fixodo from and against all loss, damages, claims, suits or actions arising in this regard.
9.1 In the event that any clause of this Policy is held to be void and/or unenforceable then such portion of this Policy shall be replaced by a clause that most closely reflects Fixodo's intent while remaining lawful, valid and enforceable. Provided the rights of any Party are not adversely affected.
10.1 Fixodo may at any time and with or without any prior notice change or remove the whole or any part of this Policy and the revised/updated Policy shall become effective from the date on which it is first published on the Website. If Fixodo changes the Policy in such a manner that it may alter the way Fixodo used to collect and share Your Information, then Fixodo may notify You of such changes. All use of the Website or the Services, in any manner, by any person, after any changes or updates have been effectuated shall be deemed as such person's acceptance of the revised/updated Policy.
11.1 If You have any questions or grievances regarding this Policy Fixodo shall be more than happy to look into it and may, as is reasonable, reply to such questions and grievances. You may contact Fixodo by writing to