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Professional Services

Professional Services

Fixodo is an emerging innovative company engaging a range of professional consultants. We envision being the largest platform for freelance and project-based work for business skills, leveraged by independent professionals and organisations that need their expertise.

We are excited to present a team of local and international consultants who are talented in conceptual design as well as professional frameworks. Our team has a range of experience and skills from quality new designs to small alterations and additions incorporating healthy design principles. We provide one on one service to our clients & our business hours are very flexible for your convenience.

For Customers

Post your requirement on our website/app
Matching consultants will be notified and will notify us of their interest
We also proactively peruse perfect fit consultants and connect them to you
We assist to align on the final design, fee, handle contracting & payment, and oversee timelines

For Professionals

Register yourself or your organisation's profile on our platform
We alert you via email, phone and mobile app when any matching projects are posted
Apply and customise your response to interesting projects
You will be notified of client contact/shortlisting
Leverage our check list to ensure project meets your needs
We will arrange all contracting & payments from the customers



What makes us different?

  • Focus On Project-Based & Flexible Resources
  • Experienced Business Consultants & Experts
  • Handpicked start-ups with proven skill sets
  • Strong Quality Focus
  • Transparency
  • Value pricing